A turnkey program to help you modernize the grid.

Fast, easy access to distributed energy projects

Designed to fill the commercialization gap between distributed energy projects and the power markets, Genbright Advanced DER program gives you a fast, easy way to deploy distributed energy resources (DER) — with no time commitment or in-house expertise needed on your part. From designing DER programs and arranging financing for DER projects to integrating them to the power markets and actively managing DERs, Genbright handles it all.

The simplest way to include low-cost alternatives

Genbright Advanced DER program saves ratepayers money in three ways:

Plus, as an asset manager or "infrastructure as service" provider, Genbright commercially manages the assets so the power is there when you need it, enabling you to economically manage peak capacity and reliability — and keep rates low.

All the regulatory support you need

With Genbright at your side, you'll have the expertise and documentation at your disposal to demonstrate the inclusion of lowest cost alternatives in your mix—and show how they offer increased resiliency and enhanced security. Your progress toward grid modernization will be evident.

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